2021 April 27


June 22 – July 22 Molėtai Public Library 

July 23 – August 5 Zarasai Public Library 

August 6 – 27 Visaginas Public Library 

September 9-16 Vilnius University Library 

September 17-30  Utena Public Library 

October 1-16 Ignalina Regional Museum 


 The exhibition introduces the history of the Tatars, starting from the late 14th century to the present day. It is a concise and visually appealing presentation of the Tatar settlement on the territory of former Grand Duchy of Lithuania, spiritual and social life of the Tatars as well as  the contribution of the Tatar community to the development of culture and the strengthening of Polish statehood. 

The main themes of the exhibition are religion (extensive iconography of mosques, Tatar cemeteries, religious books, prayer books), military service (participation and role of Tatars, served in Polish military formations, in important battles and wars, including the struggle for independence, The Polish-Soviet War of 1920  and World War II), Tatar social and cultural life in the interwar period (among others, the establishment of the Muslim Religious Union in the Republic of Poland), the history of Polish Tatars after 1945 (description of the establishment of centers for religious life, main areas inhabited by Tatars, religious traditions, Tatar cuisine, new houses of worship).