2021 7 rugsėjo

Zoom instrukcijos

Before the Conference

If you do not have Zoom, download the Zoom client for meetings.
You can do it for free from HERE.

If you already have the Zoom desktop client installed,
please check for updates.

Update your full name when you join the meeting.

During the Conference

If you are presenting a paper, log in to your session 7-10 minutes early to check the audio and video.

During the papers, mute yourself.

During the papers, turn your video on, so that presenters can see their audience.

To ask a question after a paper, use the RAISE HANDS function. When the chair calls on you,
unmute yourself and ask your question.

How to choose Interpretation language

At the bottom of Zoom window you will find an icon – Interpretation, click on it and choose the language you want to hear.

Also you can mute the original language.

How to connect to Zoom on your phone

If you do not have Zoom, Download Zoom from PlayStore if you are using android phone or from AppStore if you are using iPhone.

Open Zoom application and press “Join a meeting” and enter Meeting ID: 861 3202 9155 and press “Join”.

Imortant! Turn off your microphone when you join the meeting.

To choose interpretation language: press on More (…) > “Language Interpretation” > choose your language and press “Done”